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Annual Season

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It’s annual season – for me that means I’m super busy, head down, working hard and won’t look up much until February.


For my clients it means deep diving into team health and re-establishing the vision for their organization – the most important 2 days of their year to reset, refocus, regroup, and recharge.


Healthy teams are key to successfully gaining traction toward your goals. They’re characterized by having vulnerability-based trust, healthy conflict, high accountability, and a drive toward great results. In short, healthy teams are effective teams.


The end of the year is a natural time to rethink your vision. 

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Take a clarity break and reflect: Was your vision clear this year to you and your entire team? Did you achieve what you set out to accomplish? Is it still the right direction for your future? Is it clearly articulated and understood by your team? If the answer to all is “yes”, good for you! Now share it with your team – again – to keep it fresh in their minds. And if not, then this is the time to get together with your leadership team to refine it and establishing a path forward for the new year.


And then share it once again. In EOS we like to say that people need to hear something seven times (NOTE: the latest data suggests 35 times!) before they hear it for the first time. Or, as I was once told by a wise instructor, “Just because you told them doesn’t mean they know”. So, share and share again. You’re not sounding like a broken record, you’re sounding consistent. And committed.


If you haven’t already done so, I challenge you to make time for an annual resetting pulse with your leadership team. I know it’s a busy time of year, but carving out this time lays the stage for the coming year. Want to have a successful 2024? Plan it now!

About the Author

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Kirsten Smith, founder of Made to Thrive Consulting, is a business management strategist and EOS Implementer®. She has over 20 years Business Development and Management experience with small and large organizations alike, including those listed among the Fortune 500. She is both a business professional and motivational speaker covering a range of topics including attitude change, effective sales techniques, customer service excellence, and personality profiling. Her passion is helping entrepreneurs and leaders be the very best version of themselves and to do more than just survive … THRIVE!

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