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Adjusting to Community Mood

As a small business, I hope you have a marketing plan. I hope you know what your marketing will be focusing on this week and for the rest of this month, at the very least.

Sometimes, though, it's not appropriate to follow through on our plans. We have to "read the room", so to speak, with the "room", in this case, being the community outside of our company's doors.

In this video, I discuss a strategy to help you make a quick pivot in your marketing efforts when you need to support your community, rather than promote yourself.

About the Author

Kimberlee Martin is a Communication Specialist at Made to Thrive Consulting with 30 years of business experience. After spending several years working in IT as a software developer, Kim discovered that her favorite part of the job was effectively communicating thoughts between the user and the software. That led her back to school to earn her second degree in communications, where she discovered an affinity for marketing . Her passion is helping small businesses navigate the murky waters of digital communications, including websites, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

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