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When You Feel Like Quitting...

...think about why you started. That's what finishes the start of that quote, popular among dieters across the planet. But this applies to all of us in some way or another, and to many of us in several ways! I think tonight, as I sit here flat out TIRED and worn from a hard weeks' work (yes, it's Tuesday... don't judge!), that I need to remember WHY I started this endeavor.

What's YOUR endeavor? For me, it's owning and running a business. The title "Entrepreneur" sounds impressive, inviting, and even exciting. But sometimes it FEELS like tired! But I'm reminded that it's these moments when, as Jon Acuff puts it, you need a little {lot of} hustle.

So today I want to remind you {me, really} to think about why we started. Me? Why did I start? Easy! My start was born from a passion for people and for excellence, and my love to help others become excited about what they're doing and then invest in them to be awesome at it. Wow... even as I write those words I'm inspired to push a little bit more. To hustle. Dig in. Get it done. Change the world. Well, change MY little world, at least!

Photo: Martin, Kimberlee. "When You Feel Like Quitting". 9 January 2017.


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