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Beware the Jaws!

I have friends that have lived in Zambia, Africa for more than 20 years. They recently posted a picture of a hippo, a great moment they caught while passing by. We can easily gaze at the hippo and think of how marvelous he looks and how lazily he swims along, all the while forgetting his fierce jaws!

This reminds me that we must be careful in life not to get trapped in the jaws of mediocrity. Not to be lulled into watching life swim by without challenging ourselves to grow and become the best we can be.

Are you a sales manager stuck in a rut with your team? Do you lead a group of Customer Service Reps that need to excel in their approach to your customers? Maybe it's time management that is holding you back, and it's time to learn some new ideas to inspire you. Made to Thrive offers training in these areas and more, so give me a call if you're ready to more than just survive. It's time to THRIVE!

photo credit: astrabaer8283 South Africa 2016 via photopin (license)


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